Student Home Materials

The first years of Simply Music takes the student through Foundation 1-9.  Each Level includes a DVD (includes instruction from a teacher covering all the main points taught at the lesson), a CD that includes all the songs for that level, Music Book, and Reference Book.  Level 1 includes a Playlist and Notes Book, as well as a keypad;  the Playlist and Notes book helps students keep track of their songs, lesson notes and practicing.   As these books are filled up, new ones will need to be purchased.

On average, students will use between 2-4 Foundation levels per year.

Foundation 1-9 $50 each

Playlist and Notes Book $8

Other Materials

Part of the Simply Music curriculum are several other “streams:”  Composition and Improvisation, Arrangements and Variations, Accompaniment, Reading Notes and Reading Rhythm, to name a few.  Students will use 1-3 of these per year, and the prices vary from $6 – 30.