About Kristin

I grew up loving music! As a child, I loved singing, learning to play the recorder, singing in choirs, and I also took piano lessons since I was 7 years old. I learned in a traditional way, and struggled, as any kid does, to learn to read, and spent a lot of time on not-very-exciting songs. Sharing the music I was learning was always in the form of recitals, which always freaked me out.

My parents insisted on piano lessons for my sister and me, and I took to it naturally, despite some my frustrations. When I was a sophomore in high school, my parents gave in to my resistance to taking piano lessons and let me quit; but by that time, I could sit down with a piece of music and learn to play it rather quickly, and found that it was a relaxing thing for me to do amidst the stresses of being a teenager.

I went off to college and thought I would study nursing; early on I realized nursing wasn’t for me but wasn’t sure what was for me. One day I was sitting at my part time office job, staring at a computer screen, contemplating my lack of direction while supposedly “working.” It came to me like a light switch turns on a light bulb: why not music? I couldn’t honestly think of a reason why not – except for being out of any formal training for several years – but back in those days I had the optimism of youth on my side and nothing was going to stop me! I changed my major to music and 4 years later, after 6 long years of college, I graduated from California State University Long Beach with a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance.

Since then I have taught in the Chicago Public Schools, taught private piano lessons, accompanied various groups and choirs, and started Music for Minors, an early childhood music program located in Homewood.

In the summer of 2011, I was introduced to Neil Moore, the creator of the Simply Music Piano Method. By this time I had completely lost faith in the ability of traditional piano methods to maximize the likelihood that my students would have a lifelong relationship with music. I had become the face on too many students’ failure to succeed with piano – “I took piano lessons for a while…” (you finish the sentence). I couldn’t think of one person I had taught over the years who still even played the piano. Why should I continue a job like that?

Enter Simply Music: beautiful, expressive piano pieces right from the first lessons; sharing music in groups with others that are on the journey; the idea that EVERYONE IS MUSICAL! It’s an amazing program that has changed my own piano playing abilities, even from the earliest, simplest songs. I love sharing this method with my students.