About Music for Minors

Music for Minors classes are based on the Orff Sculwerk philosophy:  children must learn to play, sing, and dance before they are introduced to the world of reading and writing music.

Music for Minors seeks to provide these opportunities through small percussion instruments, glockenspiels, many fun props such as puppets, felts and scarves, and our wonderful 42 inch Gathering Drum.  Children are introduced to many types of music – classical, world, folk, as well as movie tunes and favorites from popular children’s musicians like Ralph’s World or the Wiggles.

Classes are grouped in the following ages:

Babies:  recommended for babies that are 4 months old and up, not yet walking.

Babies classes include massage rhymes and floor games with tickles, hugs and kisses;  bouncing games that facilitate their sense of the beat as well as spatial recognition of concepts like high, low, loud, soft, and identifying different parts of the body.  This is also a great way to begin socializing with other babies – and parents, too!

Parents purchase a Music Kit that includes a CD, baby drum and mallet, maraca, bell and scarf for music fun both in class and at home.  Cost is $43 for the kit.

Toddlers:  recommended for children who are walking steadily up to 3 years old.  This high energy class has caregivers and children marching, dancing and singing;  we continue to work on concepts from the baby class with a widening variety of instruments, props and puppets to deepen their learning.

Preschoolers:  We continue to establish the 3/4 year olds’ ability to keep a steady beat while beginning to introduce rhythm through stories, musical games and movement.  Students will play all the percussion instruments from earlier classes and begin to play and improvise on the glockenspiels as well.  Many opportunities for singing, dancing and expressing yourself through music will be part of this experience.