Piano Lessons

This is 7-year-old Nathan playing Jackson Blues. He has had 10 lessons, and learned this on his 3rd lesson.
Here, Nathan entertains the crowd at Dairy Queen. Click the image to play the video!

HF Piano Academy provides piano lessons for people of all ages using the Simply Music Piano Method.  For the very young child (4-6 years), the Play-a-Story curriculum is a great place to start. Students that are 7 years and older move directly into the Simply Music Foundation 1.

Classes are held on a weekly basis in shared lessons.  Free, 1 hour Introductory Sessions are held periodically to learn more about the method, ask questions and provide an opportunity to sign up for lessons.  Or, sign up for a 4 Week Workshop as a means to introduce yourself to the program.

Contact Kristin to learn more.